Sound Works NY

Our relationship with Sound Works NY (via Gibbons Digital) started with the conversion of their website to WordPress. Soon after we’ve added many features like a blog, several new pages, a videos section and a mobile version.

Some technical points
Transferring a website to WordPress is usually fun, yet also challenging. As part of the project, we also replace/update any outdated technology on the frontend of the site. This can sometimes create unexpected behavior that needs to be tweaked and fixed. Regarding the backend, it’s always a pleasure to get the client’s feedback when they use their new easy-breezy content management system.

About the client
SoundWorks NY is a dedicated company that will guide you through every phase of a technology upgrade. It is their goal to see that you get the right electronic systems for the right application & for years of satisfaction. SoundWorks NY love cool and cutting edge technology that makes your life easier, and simply more fun. They work with the best companies to provide the most control, for example: Savant, Apple, Lutron, NAD, Sonos, Madison Fielding & Pakedge.

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